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Ian Lee

August 27, 2018

Born in Scotland and educated there, he came to Hong Kong in 1997 following the handover of Hong Kong to China which was previously under British Rule. Currently, he is a Senior Portfolio Manager at Allianz Global Investors, focusing on the management of equity investments within Asia Pacific. His current position exposes him to a variety of different people from different parts of Asia, leaders of industries, industrial consultants, and market research in all aspect of the economy. What is more important is the need to understand all the facts, whether social, economic and philosophical to make decisions for the future.

He is interested in joining TIJ Workshop to discuss the state of the criminal justice system and the potential reform, the good governance and the current attitudes of society. He hopes to get a better understanding from the legal profession and to share his views from the investment world on society and attitudes towards the law. What he is also interested is to learn how the law will change as society moves from democracy to Ochlocracy, where society is run by demagogues who has a lack of respect for the law.