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Kanokwan Meksophawannagul

August 27, 2018

Ms. Kanokwan Meksophawannagul is currently a director of the Financial Institutions Strategy Department, Bank of Thailand. She is responsible for overseeing development and implementation of financial sector master plans, financial liberalization policies that are related to the banking sector, and financial sector analysis.  Joining the Bank of Thailand since 1995, Ms Kanokwan has various experiences related to banking policies and supervision, including issuing prudential regulations, onsite examination and offsite surveillance of commercial banks, overseeing financial system stability, editing the Bank of Thailand’s Supervision Report and Financial Stability Report, as well as performing a secretariat function of the Executives Meeting of East Asia Pacific Central Banks’s Working Group on Banking Supervision. Ms. Kanokwan received the Bank of Thailand’s Scholarship to study in the United States, where she received a bachelor degree in economics from Princeton University and a master degree in economics from University of Wisconsin (Madison).  She also received the United Kingdom Government’s Scholarship for a master degree in economics and finance from University of Warwick.