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Nattanun Asawalertsak

August 30, 2018

Mrs. Nattanun Asawalertsak. She is a Permanent Law Councillor (Krisdika legal Counsel, advisory level) at the Office of the Council of State of Thailand. Her duties involve the duty of considering draft legislation, giving legal opinions and I am responsible for the work of the Foreign Law Bureau of the Office whose tasks involve foreign law and foreign legal affairs. Although she does not have a direct role in the making of State policy, she is responsible for considering draft legislation and giving legal opinions which plays a significant part in shaping and forming the legal policies of Thailand.

She was pleased to find out that the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) has organized a Workshop on the Rule of Law in policy making process with a team of specialist from the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School. She thinks that it would be a great opportunity to exchange views and experiences between both Thai and international participants on policy making, as well as an opportunity to learn from the experiences and views of the specialists on the definition of, and the different dimensions of the Rule of Law and its’ relevance in policy making. She truly believes that this would be of great benefit to the making of State policy to suit legal, social, economic and other aspects and to make policies practical, equitable and socially accepted.