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Sumathi Chandrashekaran

August 30, 2018

Ms. Sumathi Chandrashekaran has nearly 10 years progressive experience in law and public policy, having worked on issues relating to legislative, policy and judicial reform across diverse sectoral domains. Her areas of work and experience have included intellectual property, financial regulation, and judicial sector reform. She is particularly interested in areas of legislative and regulatory reform. Public policy making in India is gradually becoming more evidence- and data-based, and she expects this is true even of jurisdictions such as Thailand.
She finds herself in a unique space as a professional with some capabilities in both qualitative and quantitative research, with a solid background in substantial subjects such as law as well as public policy. Her present research focus is on judicial reform, which she believes is an area of concern shared with many developing countries worldwide. She views this workshop as an opportunity to learn about the work being done in the region and beyond, on the judiciary as an institution; to understand the challenges that come with data-oriented projects, particularly from the perspective of developing nations like India and Thailand; and to explore the policy reform opportunities to address relevant concerns.