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Vipon Kititasnasorchai

August 30, 2018

Mr. Kititasnasorchai is a public prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General in Thailand. He obtained a Master of Laws degree from University of Washington in Seattle. Much of his work focuses on reviewing and proposing legal and policy improvements related to countering human trafficking, building capacity programs to enhance the investigation and prosecution of complex cases, and analyzing the results of cases prosecuted. A turning point in his promotion of the rule of law was his discovery of a quote by Peter Drucker: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” which led him to realize why Thai criminal justice reforms have made very little progress. To him, they have been heavily based on the perceptions of certain criminal justice experts and academics, without drawing much on existing empirical data. Further, criminal justice agencies have been plagued by ineffective management. As a result, Mr. Kititasnasorchai has created a set of criminal justice performance indicators that is accepted as a key national plan for criminal justice reform. The implementation phase, however, continues to be an on-going challenge.