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Tariq Abbas Qureshi

August 30, 2018

Mr. Qureshi is the Deputy Director at the Intelligence Bureau in Lahore, Pakistan. He is responsible for the overall supervision of the Security Section. He holds a Master of Criminology from University of Melbourne, Australia, and has served in various police capacities for over 20 years. In Pakistan where the criminal justice system lacks basic modern skills and tools, police investigations are primitive and unscientific, rule of law is an elusive concept, and corruption is endemic. In 2009 to 2010, Mr. Qureshi joined a community policing initiative—Musalihiti Committees—which sought to bridge the gap between police and the public. Since people on the streets find it difficult to communicate with the police, alternative dispute resolution bodies were formed to resolve minor and civil issues. In time, neighborhoods became safer and the trust deficit between police and the public was considerably reduced. With a more active community participation, police practices and procedures became transparent, resulting in further reduction of human rights abuses and drastic decrease in police corruption.