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Kyi Kyi Khin Swe

August 30, 2018

Ms. Swe is Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar, Ministry of Planning and Finance, where she is in charge of the Market Supervision and Market Surveillance Departments. She earned her Master of Public Administration from Yangon University of Economics in Myanmar. The Securities and Exchange Commission was established only in November 2014, while the Stock Exchange was formed in December of the following year. This illustrates that the securities market in Myanmar is in its early stages. Currently there are four listed companies and six securities companies. Market value of the Exchange is about USD 602 million. Myanmar is the least developed country within the ASEAN region with a history of poor education and an underdeveloped economy due to years of military rule. There is also a general lack of investment knowledge and understanding. Therefore, she seeks to address challenges faced by general investors and companies, especially the complex listing requirements, which serve to deter small(er) investors and foster stronger family business ties.