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Guoquing Wei

August 30, 2018

Mr. Wei is the Director of the Tax & Information Technology Administration Division at the Jiangsu Yancheng Local Taxation Bureau in China. He earned his Juris Master degree in Finance and Economics at the Shanghai University. His work focuses on directing a core division in the Yancheng Taxation Bureau that coordinates the city’s tax collection. He also provides consulting services to provincial and national policymakers. Through his writing and frequent role as a lecturer at professional training events, he serves as a highly-valued mediator between the tax administration and tax professions in China. He was instrumental in the design and implementation of the tax administration reform of Jiangsu Province, where a large traditional government organization with nearly 18,000 employees was transformed into an efficient modern tax administration institution. Mr. Wei was granted the tax research award of the State Administration of Taxation and the Jiangsu International Tax Association.