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Narongrit Panitgabutr

August 30, 2018

Colonel Panitgabutr, Officer in the 7th Infantry Regiment in Chiang Mai, is interested in the field of ICT-related crimes where he strives to develop alternative approaches to combatting cybercrime. He earned a Master of Science degree in Public Administration at Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand. With the industrialization of cybercrime, personal information moves far too quickly for traditional law enforcement mechanisms to keep pace. Current Ministry of Information and Technology research shows that Thai youth (under 25) spend on average 41.4 hours per week on the Internet, making them vulnerable to exploitation and threats to their safety. Thai children can easily interact with strangers and exchange large personal data files with little parental supervision or monitoring. The main forms of ICT-facilitated abuse can range from mild cyber-bullying, exposure to harmful online content, sexual harassment and aggressive solicitation, to commercial sexual exploitation. Col. Panitgabutr seeks to promote awareness-raising initiatives such as the concept of “digital citizenship” through establishing linkages between corporate social responsibility, human rights, and protection of children and youth.