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Shamama Tul Amber Arbab

August 30, 2018

Ms. Arbab holds a Master in Public Administration and is the Director of a meat packing company, Euro Industries Pvt. Ltd. in Peshawar, Pakistan. With a passion for women’s development through economic empowerment, she plays an active role in organizations such as the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Peshawar Division, where she is president; the Provincial Commission for the Status of Women (PCSW); and is a founding member of the South Asian Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN). She was born in a culture that says respect your women by keeping them inside the house and where terrorism targets women who step out for education or to start a small business. Yet in the past four years these organizations have accomplished much. Through advocacy they gained approval for 17 Industrial Parks for women, the first ever in the region. This particular initiative gave women the confidence to work towards a policy on domestic violence in which they made their opponents allies by letting them own the policy reforms.