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Srobol Subhapholsiri

August 30, 2018

Ms. Subhapholsiri is the Deputy Head of the Legal Department at the BEC World Public Company Ltd in Bangkok. She earned her Master of Laws from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. She has formerly worked in the banking industry, but decided to go into law, because she wanted to participate in public policy and development work. She is particularly interested in designing legislations for social enterprises. The Thai government and its legislative body are currently challenged with creating a law to support these emerging business entities. The Social Enterprises Act is currently waiting to be considered, formulated, and issued by the National Assembly. From the beginning, the perceived problem was one of concept. Because social enterprises are businesses and there are already laws for businesses, businesses should focus on profits, not the betterment of society. In her experience reviewing the current draft of the Act, Ms. Subhapholsiri finds rule of law the most appropriate guiding principle. A law is not being drafted for the sake of having a law; it is being drafted in the hopes that it would work to support the missions of people forming social enterprises.