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Kitti Tangjitrmaneesakda

August 30, 2018

Mr. Tangjitrmaneesakda holds a Master of Laws from Cornell University, and is the Managing Director at the SCG Legal Counsel Ltd., as well as the Secretary General of the Federation of Thai Industries. He has seen many business problems arise from irrelevant and obsolete laws and regulations. In Thailand, where governmental agencies at times propose new laws without sufficient information and clear objectives, ineffective structures and directions for society are created. Sometimes agencies copy laws from developed countries without a full understanding of the objectives and implications of the laws, even to the point of disregarding the differences between the economies and circumstances of Thailand and such countries. Another concern is inefficient law enforcement. Laws are not enforced efficiently, correctly, or in a timely manner for many reasons, including corruption. Good laws can foster a good society with a high quality of life. Independent research, public consultation, and effective law enforcement will lead to the sustainable development of Thai society.