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Mohammad Nour

August 30, 2018

Mr. Nour is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Premier University in Bangladesh. He received his LL.M. in Human Rights from the University of Hong Kong. He has long been engaged with human rights activities that has allowed him to become familiar with many of his country’s outdated laws. Bangladesh is a developing country with a mostly poor population. Many citizens want to migrate to the Middle East or Europe for work where they often face conditions of forced labor. Before 2012 there was no specific law regarding human trafficking. Mr. Nour was involved in researching and organizing workshops and seminars to facilitate the drafting of a new law. The resulting Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act prescribes punishment for the trafficker up to 12 years and a fine not less than USD600. However, for the proper implementation and investigation of all trafficking matters a formal referral mechanism and training system for police and other public officials needs to be implemented, as well as increasing the education level of the coastal people where most of the trafficking takes place.