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Vichita Ractham, PhD

August 30, 2018

Dr. Ractham earned her Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of Pittsburg in the United States. She is the Deputy Dean for Academic Services of the College of Management (International Program) at the Mahidol University in Bangkok, and the Program Director of SIBA (Strategy and Innovation for Businesses in Asia). She is an active researcher in knowledge management and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP). In a country where there is little regard for an understanding and application of the rule of law, Dr. Ractham is interested in applying a knowledge management platform to the rule of law process. This can foster the legitimacy and acceptability of rules that are written, reviewed, and applied, where consensus is attained in order to contribute to the building of a Thai sustainable society. If the rule of law is capable of guiding human behavior, laws have to be made known to their addressees; however, rule of law publicity in Thailand is still in its infancy and needs an effective mechanism to broaden people’s knowledge so it is common and mutual among the community in everyday life.