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Nattha Komolvadhin, PhD

August 30, 2018

Dr. Komolvadhin is a news editor for ThaiPBS, the first Public Broadcasting Service in Thailand. She was awarded a Ph.D. in Gender Studies by the London School of Economics. In addition to daily news coverage, Dr. Komolvadhin is responsible for a nightly news analysis program, which aims to broaden and enrich the Thai audience on significant public issues. She is adamant that members of the media need to understand clearly the concept of rule of law in order to deliver it in national, regional, and global arenas. Currently in Thailand good governance and its application both in public and private sectors is questioned. Freedom of expression is an issue of concern because law enforcement by the military junta monitors content in all media platforms. Political and national reforms, corruption, lack of transparency, accountability, and inequality are major issues which need to be tackled. Members of the media in Thailand must be aware of their strong responsibility to encourage public participation to support good governance.