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Khemupsorn Sirisukha

August 30, 2018

Ms. Sirisukha is Co-Founder of Little Forest project. She earned a B.A. from the Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology from Thammasat University in Thailand. She initiated Little Forest project in collaboration with the Agro-Industry Faculty of Kasetsart University, Forest Industry Organization, and the Community College of Phrae Province, along with guidance from Mae Fah Luang Foundation. Their goal is to tackle the problem of deforestation in Thailand where approximately 43 percent of original forests have been lost within the past 50 years. Deforestation in Thailand is primarily driven by agricultural expansion as forests are cleared and converted into large-scale farms specializing in single cash crops such as rice, cassava, corn, and sugarcane. Ms. Sirisukha says that without an environmentally smarter next generation of consumers and decision-makers, it is likely that eco-friendly and sustainable practices will remain outside the mainstream, and resources will be irretrievably eroded. It is not only important to instill such mindsets in the rural population, but also to teach the urban population the values and fundamental understanding of natural resources issues.