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Chontit Chuenurah

May 14, 2019

Ms.Chuenurah is a Chief of Program on the Implementation of the UN Bangkok Rules, Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ). Over the past years, she has been working at the TIJ to promote the rights of incarcerated persons through policy advocacy and evidence-based research in Thailand and the ASEAN region. As part of her work, she supervises several research projects including gender and imprisonment, women prisoners and the implementation of the UN Bangkok Rules in the ASEAN region, national survey of female inmates, pathways to imprisonment of female and male prisoners in Thailand and pathways of Thai female prisoners convicted of drug trafficking in Cambodia. She also played an important role in developing the annual regional training programme on the “Management of Women Prisoners in the ASEAN Region,” which was launched by the TIJ in 2016. Ms.Chuenurah is a Thai Chevening scholar, graduated with an M.Sc. in Social Policy and Social Research from the University of Southampton in 2011.  She also received an LL.M. in Criminal Justice from the University of Kent in UK and an LL.B. in General Law from Thammasat University, Thailand.