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Rittirong Chutapruttikorn

May 14, 2019

Assistant Professor Chutapruttikorn is currently a Dean of the School of Architecture at Bangkok University in Thailand where he has been working as a full-time lecturer since 2003. As a Dean, he often collaborates with disadvantaged groups, such as persons with disabilities and low-income people. They are vulnerable to poverty and have lesser opportunity to improve their quality of living. Therefore, he establishes the research and design center aiming to use architectural design as a tool to tackle such problems. Apart from teaching in both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he is also advising several social-enterprise projects, especially in Universal Design and Innovative concept. One of his current research projects is Kluaynamthai Innovative Industries District (KIID) which is aimed to develop Kluaynamthai as Bangkok’s innovative industry zone to attract investors and start-up companies. Asst. Prof. Chutapruttikorn’s Ph.D. is from the School of Architecture, University of Newcastle, UK. He also completed his master’s degree in Interior Architecture at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Silapakorn University, Thailand.