Faculties and Resource Persons

Corporations in Global Society

Sundhya Pahuja (Australia)Melbourne Law School
Dan Danielsen (United States)Northeastern University School of Law

Criminal Justice

Osama Siddique (Pakistan)Law and Research Policy Network
Sinja Graf (Germany)National University of Singapore

Development Financing: One Silk Road Initiative

Leo Specht (Austria)Specht & Partner
Scott Newton (United States)SOAS, University of London

Good Governance: Public and Constitutional Law

Nikolas Rajkovic (Canada)Tilburg University
Günter Frankenberg (Germany)Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Global Regulation, Finance and Tax Policy

Dennis Davis (South Africa)High Court of Cape Town & University of Cape Town
Wei Cui (China)University of British Columbia
Robert Chu (United States)Sullivan and Cromwell LLP

Human Rights and Social Justice

Zinaida Miller (United States)Seton Hall University
Ratna Kapur (India)Queen Mary University of London

International Law

BS Chimni (India)Jawaharlal Nehru University
Antony Anghie (United States)National University of Singapore

Law and Development

Hani Sayed (Syria)The American University in Cairo
John Ohnesorge (United States)University of Wisconsin
Helena Alviar (Colombia)Universidad de los Andes & Northeastern University School of Law

Law and Inequality: Labor, Migration & Debt

Kerry Rittich (Canada)University of Toronto
Jason Jackson (United States & Jamaica)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Law, Religion, Gender and the State in Southeast Asia

Jothie Rajah (Singapore)The American Bar Foundation
Lucas Lisinski (Brazil)University of New South Wales
Vanja Hamzic (Boznia and Herzegovina)SOAS, University of London

Poverty and Social Inclusion

Yishai Blank (United States)Harvard Law School
Vasuki Nesiah (United States)New York University

Private Law and Global Political Economy

Robert Wai (Canada)Osgoode Hall Law School
Horatia Muir Watt (France)Sciences Po Law School
Jorge Esquirol (United States)Florida International University

Science, Technology and Expertise in Policy

Julia Dehm (Australia)La Trobe Law School
Sheila Jasanoff (United States)Harvard Kennedy School Professor

The Circulation of Law in East Asia

Yun-Ru Chen (Taiwan)National Taiwan University
Mika Yokoyama (Japan)Kyoto University
Hisashi Harata (Japan)The University of Tokyo

Trade Policy: Contemporary Issues

Mark Wu (United States)Harvard Law School
Chantal Thomas (United States)Cornell University
Alvaro Santos (Mexico)Georgetown Law