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Archana Kotecha

August 27, 2018

Mrs. Archana Kotecha works in a relatively small NGO and faces resource constraints as is common in such an environment, the opportunities for personal and professional development are few and far between. The opportunity to attend the TIJ Workshop for Emerging Leaders is one such opportunity. She believes that the chance to learn from leaders in the field and to meet like-minded peers will provide greater depth and momentum to her own work in the sphere of legal and policy interventions in counter-human trafficking. Earlier this year she was chosen to be part of a leadership program run by the US Department of State for emerging leaders in the counter-trafficking field. It gave her an opportunity to develop further my own narrative and thinking on critical issues pertaining to the development and implementation of anti-trafficking laws.

She is a committed advocate to the anti-human trafficking cause and always on the look out for creative ways to formulate legal arguments, create best practice and use cutting-edge policy frameworks to improve the visibility and understanding of human trafficking in South-East Asia. Attending this workshop will help her to re-invigorate her ideas and approaches so she can be more impactful in the work that she undertakes. She is also passionate about social justice advocacy and have worked extensively on policies relating to protection of victims and access to justice issues. This opportunity will help her in furthering her endeavours in these areas.