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Buntoon Srethasirote

August 27, 2018

Mr.Buntoon Srethasirote is currently working at the Good Governance for Social Development and the Environment Institute (GSEI), a non-profit organization, as the Executive Director and a researcher. GSEI is specialized in conducting policy research on environment and natural resources, multilateral environmental agreements (Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on Climate Change), and sustainable development. Meanwhile, he is involved in policy making processes as members of various mechanisms at the national level such as the National Committee on Sustainable Development, Sub-Committee to Formulate National Strategy and National Reform Framework, Sub-Committee to Formulate Development Strategy to Generate Environmental-Friendly Growth within the12th National Plan on Economic and Social Development. He is also the Chair of the Working Group to Formulate Economic, Social, and Legal Measures to Assist Sustainable Development.

At present, Thailand is working on the national plan to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and integrating it with the 20-year National Strategy. This effort is the opportunity to set the long-term direction of the country towards sustainable development and a stable democracy, as the rule of law is one of the key milestones for the success of SDGs. Therefore, he is keen to take part in the TIJ’s Workshop on the Rule of Law and Policy to learn about the rule of law, on the principles and the application it in public policy process. The knowledge from the workshop will be very valuable to his work in policy decision making on the development direction towards sustainable development