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Fermin Mabulo

August 27, 2018

Mr. Fermin Mabulo’s career started in the Armed Forces as a young Officer specializing on counter terrorist operations. Being imbued with youthful idealism, He could not help but question the ills in our society especially the corruption in my beloved institution, the Armed Forces. Wanting to change things for the better, he helped organize a movement of young officers espousing reforms in the military. As they dig further, they realized that corruption is not only rampant in the Military but so much more in other institutions of our society.

Young and inexperienced that they were, their only option was to employ drastic means outside the bounds of the law to achieve their goals. One thing led to another and he found myself languishing in detention. He was jailed for three months as a result of his involvement in the Magdalo adventure. After my release from detention, he went on self exile in the United Kingdom where he worked as Security Manager of a food manufacturing company. In 2007, he came home to his beloved Philippines. He ran and won as Mayor in his hometown San Fernando, Camarines Sur. In 2010, he ran and lost his bid for Congressman. Then he got appointed as Provincial Administrator of the Province of Cam Sur until March 2016. In May 2016, he was elected again as Mayor of San Fernando. As a leader and policy maker in his current position the upcoming TIJ Workshop is a match made in heaven for him.