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Rathapol Bhakdibhumi

August 30, 2018

Mr.Rathapol Bhakdibhumi is the President & CEO of General Electronic Commerce Services (GEC), a company he co-founded as a joint venture with General Electric Information Services (GEIS), a subsidiary of General Electric USA (GE later divested GEIS to a Venture Capital company), his main responsibilities are to recommend the company’s business strategy to the Board of Directors, oversee employees by coaching talents and drive necessary changes.

Another of his key responsibilities is to lead the management team in developing a corporate strategy by initiating new business models and overseeing the management policies. He is also serving as a Chairman of a subsidiary of GEC, DX-Innovation Co., Ltd., the owner of e-Market place for carriers and shippers to meet online, actively advising overall company’s business development. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at State-Owned Enterprises, namely Thai Airway International (Public) Company Limited, Thailand Post Office Communications Authority of Thailand and CAT Telecom Public Company Limited.