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El Cid Butuyan

August 30, 2018

Mr. Butuyan most recently was the Commissioner (Undersecretary/Deputy Minister) at the Philippine Competition Commission. He earned a Master of Laws degree from the Harvard Law School. As a former senior litigator and team leader for Asia and the Pacific at the World Bank, he is interested in the damaging effects of corruption on the political and judicial structures of developing countries and on legal activism essential for combating systemic injustices. He sees international efforts to combat corruption as primarily targeting businesses, and for the most part leaving out the main victims of graft—the citizens of endemically corrupt nations. Current efforts to improve victims’ rights and access to compensation have often yielded a few concrete results. This is largely due to the lack of essential resources. As a result, ordinary victims of corruption continue to suffer. Currently, Mr. Butuyan conducts research on and teaches about corruption-related topics at leading institutions, including the Harvard Law School where he is a Lecturer in Law on Transnational Corruption.