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Phimphan Isaranuwatchai

August 30, 2018

Ms. Isaranuwatchai is CEO of both the P&W Service Ltd. and the Maximum Dynamic Ltd. In the past 18 years, she has been a member of five startup companies, two of which have become IPO listed companies. She earned a Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Ms. Isaranuwatchai notes the importance of recognizing our limited resources and how to implement them to better people’s living conditions. In early 2005, she had several opportunities to visit and provide support to the tsunami-affected areas in Thailand where many children became orphans overnight. Because of geographical discrepancies, her research team discovered that orphans in one particular region did not receive much needed support. The team collaborated with public health officers to create an annual special day for the affected children which included a theater performance, as well as butterfly farm and zoo visits, each with lunch in a special place. She witnessed great courage from the children and learned the true meaning of community and how people can overcome many challenges together.