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Supree Srisamran, PhD

August 30, 2018

Dr. Srisamran is the Vice President, Economic Intelligence Center at the Siam Commercial Bank in Bangkok. As a senior business analyst with a Ph.D. in Regional Science and Urban Economics from Cornell University, he monitors business dynamics, creates industry deep-dive analysis, and forecasts business outlooks. In a recent advisory capacity, he was involved in an infrastructure mega project valued at approximately USD60 billion. Siam Commercial Bank was an external advisor to the project, and Dr. Srisamran was selected as a team member, advising in project analysis and submission. Although this was the first time he had been exposed to the legal side of such a project, he acknowledges learning greatly from the advisory experience, i.e. that best practices from both business and law have to be equally blended in order to carry out mega projects, and that law itself has to be regularly updated and adjusted due to the dynamics of the business environment.