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Chularat Niratisayakul

May 14, 2019

Ms.Niratisayakul is currently Director General & CEO of The Biodiversity-based Economy Development Office (BEDO), Government agency under the Ministry of National Resources and Environment of Thailand where she is responsible for supporting the development of biodiversity-based businesses and promoting sustainable utilization of natural resources. She received her MPS in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University, USA, and an M.Sc. in Agricultural Extension from Kasetsart University, Thailand. And with 16 years of experience as a journalist and a TV and radio broadcaster in the area of agricultural development together with over a decade of experience as a policy advisor, which includes serving as an advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment for 5 years followed by 3 years as an Acting Secretary General of the Office of Farmers’ Rehabilitation and Development Fund whose main aim was to help groups of farmers become self-reliant and deal with debt problems, Ms.Niratisayakul has learned that despite Thailand’s considerable biodiversity the national policy on biodiversity-based development is still unmet and would like to take this opportunity at the TIJ workshop to initiate policy for fair and equitable sharing of benefits from biodiversity-based businesses.