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Jumpon Phansumrit

May 14, 2019

Mr.Phansumrit is currently an Acting Deputy Director General of the International Affairs Department of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) of Thailand. His main responsibilities include supervising prosecutors and staff in handling international cooperation on extradition, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, and the Hague Convention on child abduction as well as overseeing the work of the ASEAN Community Missions Center (ASEAN Center). The ASEAN Center was set up to handle ASEAN works and issues relating to crimes and criminal justice for the OAG. For academic background, Mr.Phansumrit earned his Master of Law from Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, Master of Law in International Legal Studies from American University in USA, and Master of Comparative Jurisprudence from Howard University, USA. Before he pursued his studies abroad, he was admitted to the Thai Bar Association in 1982 and received his LL.B. from Thammasat University and B.A. in Political Science from Ramkhamhaeng University in Thailand.