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Prae Piromya

May 14, 2019

Ms.Piromya is currently a General Manager of the Sustainable Development Office, Central Group, Thailand. Her responsibilities cover group sustainability strategy, budget, implementation, planning & Operation of CSV projects (Environment, Education, Well-Being, Community, Culture), as well as building internal and external stakeholder engagement and collaboration. She is a former Vice President of Sustainability at Pace Development Corporation PLC.; the leader in Thai luxury property and hospitality, and the owner of Dean & Deluca. Ms.Piromya calls herself a Thai design thinker who has passion for sustainability transformation in corporations. She has various experiences related to sustainability management, business development, communication and design thinking. She believes that the private sector has the best capability in driving change for sustainable development in terms of the Circular Economy, participatory democracy, and human capital development through innovative thinking, smart investments, consumer communication, and market-oriented skill development. Ms.Piromya received a Presidential Merit Scholarship to study B.S. in Industrial Design at University of Arts, Philadelphia in USA in 2003. She continued her MBA degree in IMBA Global Entrepreneurship Track at Thammasat University, Thailand.