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Roisai Wongsuban

May 14, 2019

Ms.Wongsuban is currently a Trafficking in Persons Adviser of Australia–Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons. She is also a team leader for an external evaluation of asylum access, legal empowerment and policy advocacy work in Thailand. Over the past ten years, she has been working on Migration Advocacy with the various capacities such as International Organisation for Migration, International Labour Organisation and other International organizations. She has also been a key leader in Thailand’s Migrant Working Group, pushing for policy reform and enforcement on issues such as human trafficking, labour rights, access to justice and refugee protection. She is highly skilled in the areas of legal compliance with government and policy makers, and of regulations and public policies. Ms.Wongsuban was nominated as Australia Young Alumni Thailand in 2015. In 2016, she received the Chevening Scholarship from UK Government to pursue her M.A. in Migration Studies at University of Sussex. It allowed her to address the combination of challenges which has underpinned many initiatives within the humanitarian community over recent years. She also received her Master’s degree in International Development and Environmental Analysis from Monash University and attended Humanitarian Leadership Programme at Deakin University, Australia.