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Siree Jongdee

May 14, 2019

Ms.Jongdee is a Senior Economist at the Public Debt Management office (PDMO), Ministry of Finance, Thailand. The PDMO is responsible for public sector debt financing which includes the draft of bills and the financing for urgently needed stimulus policies required under unexpected circumstances such as floods and economic crises. Ms.Jongdee has been selected under the High-Performance Potential System, where she has rotated to various divisions. This allows her to have a broad understanding of public financing issues such as debt issuance, negotiation of financial contracts, and risk management. Her current responsibility is the management of State-Owned Enterprise financing and guarantee assessment. Ms.Jongdee holds a Master of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, both fully funded by the Royal Thai Government.