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Wisoot Tantinan

May 14, 2019

Mr.Tantinan is a Team Leader/Programme Specialist at Democratic Governance and Social Advocacy Unit, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Thailand. He is responsible for various projects to support development acceleration in Thailand and to reduce inequality in upper-income contexts. The projects vary from promoting women and LGBT right, poverty reduction, peace in the Deep South of Thailand, decentralization, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in development planning, and applying innovation to improve efficiency of public sectors such as public procurement and universal health coverage. Before joining UNDP, Mr.Tantinan has worked in various roles and for various types of organizations including a social protection officer at UNICEF Thailand, a research assistant at ESCAP, a policy specialist at the House Standing Committee on Economic Development, the Parliament of Thailand. While working at UNICEF Thailand, one of his key achievements in public advocacy was a successful advocacy for the first introduction of child support grant in 2015. Mr.Tantinan received the Chevening Scholarship to study towards a master’s degree in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at the University of Oxford, UK. He also earned a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering and an M.Sc. in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics from Chulalongkorn University, and also a Bachelor in Fiscal Economics from Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand.