The application deadline has been extended to 8 October 2020, 24.00 hr., Bangkok local time.

Admitted applicants will be required to attend the following new workshop courses:

ONLINE Schedule for Thai and international participants:

I. International Webinar Series on the Rule of Law and Pandemic

Thu. 3 Dec 2021   Virtual Orientation & Introduction to SDGs

Wed. 27 Jan 2021   Webinar #1

Wed. 24 Feb 2021  Webinar #2

Wed. 24 Mar 2021  Webinar #3

Wed. 28 Apr 2021  Webinar #4

Wed .19 May 2021  Webinar #5

Thu. 29 Apr 2021   Problem Labs 1

Thu. 6 May 2021   Problem Labs 2

Thu. 20 May 2021   Problem Labs 3

ONSITE Schedule for Thai participants Only:

II. RoLD Executive Program on the Rule of Law & Development

Thai participants are also required to participate in onsite RoLD Program at the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) for the following schedule.

Fri. 27 Nov 2020  Introduction to TIJ Executive Program

18-20 Dec 2020  RoLD Executive Field Trip on the Rule of Law and Development

(A 3-day, 2-night trip / Venue to be announced)

Thu. 14 Jan 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 1

Thu. 28 Jan 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 2

Thu. 11 Feb 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 3

Thu. 25 Feb 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 4

Thu. 11 Mar 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 5

Thu. 25 Mar 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 6

Thu. 8 Apr 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 7

Thu. 27 May 2021  RoLD Executive Program Session 8

ONSITE Schedule for Thai and international participants:

III. The Emerging Leaders Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand : 6 – 11 June 2021 (Venue to be announced)

Please contact for any queries regarding the new schedule.

The Rule of Law and Development Program (RoLD Program)

signifies collaborative efforts between the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) and the Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School in bringing together young scholars and policymakers to learn from likeminded peers about the intricacies of the rule of law in contemporary contexts. As an integral part of the RoLD Program, the TIJ Workshop for Emerging Leaders on the Rule of Law & Policy seeks to strengthen human capacities to formulate and develop a true understanding of how the rule of law operates within our multifaceted society. Apart from the TIJ Workshop, the RoLD Program is comprised of the flagship Executive Program on the rule of law and development, the RoLD in Action or the application of the rule of law into real life cases, and the TIJ International Forum on the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development.

The TIJ Workshop Experience

The TIJ-IGLP Workshop for Emerging Leaders on the Rule of Law & Policy offers a unique opportunity for practitioners from different sectors to engage with their global peers in policy dialogue facilitated by a network of international and interdisciplinary faculty from the TIJ and the Institute for Global Law & Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School. This intensive week, designed exclusively for young and successful professionals, will unlock the complex and dynamic linkages between the rule of law and policy making processes in the economic, political and social development at local, regional and international levels.

The curriculum has been customized to ensure that participants benefit from peer-to-peer learning in order to strengthen their knowledge and skills for addressing the most pressing policy challenges in today’s global environment. Through peer-to-peer collaboration, intensive mentoring and cross-training, the Workshop aims to strengthen the next generation of policy leaders as they develop innovative ideas and alternative approaches to issues of global law, economic policy, social justice and governance.   Participants will benefit from the mentorship of experts, professionals and thinkers by actively participating in thematic discussions and policy case studies covering topics that highlight the fundamental roles of the rule of law in policy development that affects our daily lives.

The TIJ-IGLP Workshop for Emerging Leaders will be convened concurrently with the Workshop for Scholars, an intensive, regionally-focused residential program for doctoral and post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty of law and policy from around the world. The workshop for Scholars will focus on the important legal and political choices embedded in policy debate on issues facing Asia and the world. Together, the two Workshops offer a unique environment for discussion between policy professionals and the most innovative young scholars undertaking research in their respective fields.

Spotlight Theme: The Rule of Law and Sustainable Development

The rule of law is no longer seen as only a complement to ongoing attempts at building peaceful and inclusive society, but it is the very cornerstone on which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) rests. It is like a thread which weaves together all of the goals within the 2030 Agenda, forming vital conditions that create a conducive environment for the advancement of equitable and sustained economic growth, as well as full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms. In this respect, the rule of law and development are not only strongly intertwined, but are also mutually reinforcing. For public institutions to become more effective, accountable and inclusive, in accordance with SDGs Goal 16, it is crucial that relevant actors in all sectors come to appreciate the rule of law in all its complexities as the key factor in furthering development efforts at the national and international levels.


The objective of the TIJ-IGLP Workshop is to cultivate an appreciation of the importance of the rule of law, particularly its fundamental role in the achievement of sustainable development. It provides a platform that encourages constructive discussion among practitioners across sectors and promotes interactive learning through experience sharing. With a deeper understanding of how and why the rule of law is essential for sustained and inclusive economic growth, human rights protection and sustainable development, participants will become a part of a new network of emerging leaders who will act as agents of change in their respective fields and bridge thinking into practice.


The TIJ-IGLP Workshop for Emerging Leaders focuses on peer-to-peer learning and the necessary skills for understanding the policies and initiatives that affect their lives and the world at large, while drawing upon the rule of law as a guiding framework.


Opportunities to work with colleagues and to share policy experiences and initiatives, discuss about novel approaches to complex socio-economic challenges, cultivate skills in offering feedback, presenting experiences of their peers and synthesizing their own thoughts in a concrete policy discourse, and benefit from peer-to-peer engagement with mentorship from experienced IGLP faculty members.


Learning about interrelated global law and policy trends during the lectures by keynote speakers.


Participating in the interactive mini-courses offered by the IGLP faculty members to review current scholarly debates and engage in case-based learning with young scholars of law and policy from around the world.


Brainstorming with peers from Asia and experts in this unique hands-on introductory session.  Participants will be engaging in the TIJ Design Thinking methodology to create human-centric and innovative policy solutions to address pressing regional challenges.


Joining the field trip exclusively organized for the emerging leaders to witness policy development at work.


Selected participants will be presenting their views and concluding thoughts to over 200 attendants from public and private sectors including non-profit and international organizations at the TIJ International Forum on the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development.


A great chance to enjoy a Thai cultural experience with all TIJ-IGLP Workshops participants in an exclusive setting.

Should Attend

Young and successful professionals from diverse fields of work including government, social entrepreneurship, businesses, and civil society organizations, among others, who are

  • inspired to learn about the Rule of Law and its connection to their field of work
  • determined to make a change in the policy making process
  • ready to cultivate the network established at the Workshop in support of their roles as agents of change in society


  • The TIJ Workshop is designed for policy professionals and practitioners. Interested academics and scholars are encouraged to apply to the concurrent IGLP Workshop designed for researchers and university lecturers.
  • Candidates must have at least 10 years of working experience.
  • An important prerequisite is English language proficiency. All program materials, classes, and discussions are in English.

Travel &

The TIJ will sponsor meals, single-occupancy accommodation*, a round-trip international flight to/from Thailand, airport transfers and course materials for all admitted participants.

A round-trip airfare will be reimbursed up to USD 800.  Admitted participants who require a visa to enter Thailand are responsible for their own visa application and applicable fees. The TIJ will issue a visa support letter upon request.

*Please be noted that priority for single-occupancy accommodation will be given to admitted applicants travelling from outside of Bangkok, Thailand.